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"I heard nothing but rave reviews about your comments, suggestions, and ideas. Thank you for participating, experience, and expertise!" -Lester Fujimoto, CFRE, Beverley Hospital Foundation (comments after Zoot performed their keynote address)

Top Programs and SPeeches

  • Leadership Intensive Programs- Weekend and Session intensive programs for new organizational leaders (Next Session August 9-11)

  • Nonprofit Management Certificated Courses & Webinars- Already underway at 3 State Universities. Let Zoot custom design a course for you.

  • Youth Inspirational Keynote- Overcoming an orthopedic disability to become a professional break dancer and then build communities!

  • Getting Past the BS Keynote- Based on Zoot's successful podcast, 501(c)(3)(b)(s): Deprogramming for Organizational Success

  • Redefining Fund Development for the 21st Century Keynote- 80% of organizations are failing because of antiquated ideas of how we grow. This topic is part of a book Zoot is writing how to reinvent the ways we raise funds for our missions.

  • When Leaders Innovate Keynote- Combining leadership with innovation to make organizational success.

Other Workshop/Speaking Topics


  1. Transformational Leadership. You will learn proven techniques of leadership; the core principles of leadership, management and supervision and how they differ; and how to make others own your ideas as theirs. You will use your organization’s mission as a catalyst for change. The presenter has been a fellow in 7 different leadership programs. His leadership abilities have taken him to lead groups in prisons, juvenile halls, nonprofits, businesses and government, from gang members to bureaucrats for systemic change.

  2. Board Development. You will learn unconventional methods that creates a great, diverse board through mission-building.

  3. Staff Supervision & Recruitment. A mind-blowing system that turns the for-profit model upside down and creates a new paradigm in thinking about recruitment and retention.

  4. Volunteer Management & Training. The presenter managed over 600 volunteers in one year and was nominated for a Statewide Award in volunteer management.

  5. Strategic Partners in Success: How to Double or Triple Your Capacity with a Strategic Partnership Model. You will learn how to create a resource map, use networks to create strong partnerships, and collectively meet your mission while driving new funding. You will discover the differences between networks, strategic partnerships and collective impact models. With this strategy the presenter has quadrupled capacity and tripled the budget during a recession.

  6. Programming Success: Turning Program Design to Funding (An Introduction to Grantsmanship). Programs drive funding through a cycle of evaluation, design and implementation. Learn how to create, fund and scale successful programs.

  7. Fund Development for Community Benefit Organizations. You will learn basic strategies for developing funds while developing your mission. Your presenter is a Certified Fundraising Executive and MBA grad who has raised over $28 Million for various organizations and programs in his career in small nonprofits.

  8. Grant and Proposal Writing. The secret and not so secret tricks to making great proposals and having them funded. With these methods, your presenter has grown grants at his organization by an average of 50% each year for the past 9 years. His grant success rate is over 75% funding each year on grants written.

  9. Marketing Your Mission. It is tricky to market a small organization these days where people are caught between the analog and the digital worlds. Marketing is how most people experience your organization and mission first. In this workshop you will learn basics of not only what makes good marketing, but what doesn’t. You will learn to use your money and workforce with proper priorities so you don’t spin your wheels on strategies that defeat you and suck out all your cash. Your presenter as grown audiences by 1400%, members by 600% and patrons by 400% in his first 5 years at the helm. Learn how he did it.


NOTE: Zoot can also do custom tailored programs from these topics. He has done such programs on Cultural TourismManaging a Historic SitePlanning a Conference or Fundraiser, Public Speaking with PowerPoint, Volunteer Management (For the Docent League), The Business of Art for Artists, and other topics.


  1. Capital Campaigns and Endowments. You will learn the basics for the proper way to plan, build and fund capital campaigns and endowments for your organizations. Our presenter has built five new art centers in Southern California, and doubled his endowment funding at his current organization.

  2. Strategic Planning You Will Actually Use! You will learn how to define your mission, goals and budget while creating a clear vision for the future that everyone can own as their vision in a way that builds consensus with stakeholders, draws in investment, and makes goals achievable. Using this model the presenter has founded, built and developed over a dozen nonprofits in Southern California- most with over $500,000 in new funding in 16 months or less.

  3. Technology in the Social Sector: Learn how to stop being controlled by the future and technology and start controlling it. You don’t have to be a tech genius to take advantage of simple software, apps and tools to update your mission for this century. If technology is taking too much of your time, you are doing it wrong. Learn how to save time with technology. The presenter was the first in Orange County to present STEAM programs teaching technology through the arts, winning the California Superintendent of Education’s award for Museum Excellence in 2016. His website operates a virtual cultural center that brings visitors from around the world and creates new platforms for programs, fundraising and understanding.

  4. Succession Planning: What Happens When You Leave? Many great leaders leave their posts to see everything they build slowly dismantled or rot away. Learn how to create an infrastructure and succession plan that survives after you leave. Your presenter has built a dozen organizations in Southern California which have prospered after his tenure due to these techniques.

  5. Virtual Space How to convert your website and social media into a virtual version of your organization that patrons can visit.

  6. DIY Fundraising: Many people think “I would like to start my own nonprofit organization,” which is usually a horrible idea. But people can solve that urge by hosting a fundraiser for their favorite organizations, and organizations are figuring out how they can help with this effort and raise more money than an annual gala with no effort or expenses. Best of all, they market the organizations. Service clubs, student groups and individuals are all getting in on this trend in fundraising that could be the future of fundraising. Remember the ice bucket challenge? It was a DIY project. I will show you how events like these bring funding, marketing and great stories to your organization with minimal effort on your part.

NOTE: Zoot can also do custom tailored programs from these topics. He has done such programs on Cultural TourismManaging a Historic SitePlanning a Conference or Fundraiser, Public Speaking with PowerPoint, Volunteer Management (For the Docent League), Virtual Museums (for the CA Association of Museums Conference), The Business of Art for Artists, and other topics.

Zoot also does intensive weekend retreats for new community leaders, pastors, and other emerging leaders in the beautiful mountains of Lake Arrowhead.