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Talking Funding with Todd Hanson on 501(c)(3)(b)(s) Podcast

Today on the 501(c)(3)(b)(s) Podcast, Zoot Velasco talks with Todd Hanson, Vice President of the Center for Engaged Philanthropy at the Orange County Community Foundation, recognized as a “center of gravity” for philanthropy in Orange County. Since this administration came to the Foundation, their assets have increased from $43 million to $378 million, and OCCF has now awarded more than $510 million in grants and scholarships since its inception in 1989. This dramatic growth has placed the Orange County Community Foundation as a stand-out among more than 780 community foundations across the nation, placing OCCF as the 8th most active grantmaker among its colleagues, and in the top 10% in total assets. For more than 16 years Todd has provided support to some of Orange County’s most generous families, helping them achieve their philanthropic goals and inspiring effective and impactful giving.   He visits more than 100 nonprofit organizations each year to stay informed on the latest programs, services and results. He has more than 25 years of experience in nonprofits and is the former executive director of Camp Fire USA in Orange County. Todd and Zoot discuss the myths around fund development for organizations.

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