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The Reviews Are In... See How Zoot Stacks Up as A Professor

Now that Zoot is teaching in Mihaylo Business College at Cal State Fullerton, students have been reviewing his teaching style with ringing endorsements like:

“Awesome…I'm an Accounting major with no marketing interest so I went into the class expecting to hate it. I loved it!”

“If Zoot is available, TAKE HIM… He makes Marketing easy to understand and cares about students. As a new professor at Fullerton he doesn't have a reputation yet, but soon enough he's gonna be one of the unattainable ones that everyone wants. “

“Zoot is The Man. He raps, he dances, and best of all, he inspires students to step out of their comfort zone… He gives great feedback and gives plenty of opportunities to participate. I suggest taking any class professor Zoot teaches, you will learn all about the section and much more.”

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