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501(c)(3)(b)(s) Podcast to return February 12!

501(c)(3)(b)(s): Deprogramming for Organizational Growth Podcast will return for a second season this spring starting with two preview episodes done jointly with the Nonprofit Ally podcast. 501(c)93)(b)(s)  has been a surprise hit gaining traction quickly with close to two thousand downloads of season 1 released in late July. By September the podcast was rated "number 1" podcast for the social sector on Player FM. 

Episode 14 will be a primer rebroadcast from an interview between Zoot and Steve Vick of the Nonprofit Ally Podcast (number 78) followed by a rebroadcast of a panel discussion on Nonprofit Ally in which Zoot joins a panel to advise a new organization on their capacity building (number 76)

Season 2 opener will premier on February 26 with "Legal BS", an interview with May Harris of the For Purpose Law Group discussing all the legal myths of our industry. 

You can catch up on Season 1 here:

Or find 501(c)(3)(b)(s) wherever you get your podcasts.

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