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Wine Dinner Raises $5,000 for Habitat for Humanity with Zero Expenses

Zoot and his wife, Monette hosted the Sunrise & Twilight Rotary Clubs at 5 PM on June 8, 2017: An Italian-American Wine Dinner with food cooked by Zoot Velasco and wines by Michael Stepanovich in an old Hollywood theme. 

100% of all proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity of Bakersfield. Everything was donated and sold out with a simple evite.

The Menu included fresh, local and made by hand items like Caprese Salad, Fresh Orange & Caper Salad, Italian Wedding Soup,  Smoked TriTip  on Parmesian Polenta, and ice cream donated by Moo Creamery with Chocolate Mousse Pie by Sandra Yoon.

"Organizations do these large galas that cost a fortune and often loose money. This is a way of doing something small and fun with a big impact," Zoot said at the event. $3000 was raised in ticket sales, another $1000 in Donations, and $1000 from the Rotary Clubs. 


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