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Zoot presents at California Association of Museums Conference Feb in Palm Springs

Virtual Museums: Expanding Museum Reach and Revenue with 3D Immersive Models

Intermediate/External Affairs (Development, Membership, Marketing and Public Relations)
Moderator: Dave Alpert, Architect and Co-founder, Geopogo

Speakers: Sriba Kwadjovie, Senior Intellectual Property Associate, SFMOMA; Zoot Velasco, Director, Kern County Museum; Scott Singer, VFX Supervisor, DreamWorks (formerly)

Description: Emerging 3D technology offers museums the opportunity to create virtual models that can be visited through web, mobile, and virtual reality platforms. These offer increased revenue and margins, inexpensive new exhibit spaces, access to new visitors and demographic sectors, participatory options, and a greater opportunity to inspire the public to visit the physical museum. This expert panel provides diverse perspectives and examples of virtual museums. 
Learning Objective: Understand the costs and benefits of virtual museum options and gain familiarity with some key technology implementation strategies and tools in order to adapt 3D models to suit your specific facility and program needs, tailored to your musuem’s current and targeted demographics and cultural content.

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