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Wine Dinners

Zoot produces gourmet wine dinners at his home to raise funds for local charities. He is  collaborating with Bakersfield Sunrise & Twilight Rotary Clubs and generous wine donor Mike Steponovich to create a 4 course Italian American dinner at 5 PM June 8, 2017 with an Old Hollywood Theme... See News for more info!

Rent Zoot's Cabin on a cliffover the State Forest in Lake Arrowhead! 

 Click on picture to see details...

Click on picture to see details...

Cultural Tours

 Pasada Mirador Hotel at the rim of Copper Canyon, MX

Pasada Mirador Hotel at the rim of Copper Canyon, MX

Next tour- TBA in January 2019! Details coming!

Custom tours available.


Zoot produces cultural tours of Southern California Past tours include Swallows Day in Capistrano, Fiesta Days in Santa Barbara, Oscar Hollywood tours, Summer Fun in Downtown LA, Steam Train to San Diego, Little Tokyo, Chinese New Year in Chinatown and many more.

Join Zoot on his adventures with 5 course food & wine dinners and train trips around the world and Southern California. Past trips include Sicily, Spain, Cuba, Vietnam, Copper Canyon Mexico, Steam Trains of the Southwest, Pueblo Tour of New Mexico, Vintage Train to New Orleans, and more. 


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