Zoot Velasco
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Building Communities through it's Organizations

CAPACITY BUILDING & Fund Development

Zoot can usually help clients add 20% to their capacity in 18-24 months.

  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Staff & Volunteer Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Interum Management

Zoot created the first STEAM programs in Orange County winning local, regional and statewide awards, and quadrupling the capacity of the education programs at his organization. STEAM is the new STEM and finally brings funding to the arts. Let Zoot show you how it works and design some programs for you. Zoot is trained in & certified in the Visual & Performing Arts state standards (CA), Common Core and Every Child Succeeds Act passed by congress in 2016 incorporating STEAM.

Zoot started working in prisons, foster care and juvenile halls in 1990. He manages Arts In Corrections programs for the California Arts Council and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to this day. He can help you design programs that work for special populations in institutional setting and train artists to work in institutional enviro.