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Deprogramming for Organizational Growth


In “nonprofit” 501c3 organizations the 80/20 rule applies...

80% of all funding goes to 20% of the sector. This happens because much of conventional wisdom in our industry is false. In this podcast, you will find the truths, And those truths will set you free to success.

In this episode we take on the BS of our very label we call ourselves- “nonprofits,” including an interview with Creating The Future’s Hildy Gottlieb.

In this episode, we dispel the myth that if one has a good idea, one should start a nonprofit organization. We discuss how one should go about starting a community benefit organization, and discuss fiscal sponsorship with Community Partners Senior program director Cynthia Freeman.

In this episode, we discuss the myth that a board’s job is to direct staff including an interview with Third Sector Founder, President & CEO, Jeffrey R. Wilcox

In this episode, we call the bluff of many boards who swear they adhere to Robert's Rules of Order. We partner with Nonprofit Ally podcast on this episode where Steve Vick interviewed Susan Leahy, author of Roberts Rules Made Simple.

In this episode, we examine the idea that a high tide rises all ships and discuss strategic partnerships and collective impact projects with Shelley Hoss, CEO of the Orange County Community Foundation and her VP (the other part of this dynamic duo), Todd Hanson.

In this episode, we critique the good, the bad and the ugly of mission statements with Author of The Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, Frances Phillips.

We talk all this Millennial Marketing with the Pied Piper of Youth Marketing,Tar Rakhra

In this episode we dispel the myth that the big gala is the best method of fundraising for organizations with our guest, Cathie Mostovoy of  Mostovoy Strategies. 

We go over the BS given to us by our guests over the season, including planning, resources, and more.

We discuss strategic planning and get to the heart of what works and new ways to plan with  Jan Masaoka, one of the county's top leaders of the sector, who literally wrote the book on the subject!  

Author and national leader of the social sector, Jan Masaoka, returns to discuss all the BS surrounding board issues.  

Zoot Velasco, our host, gave the keynote speech at the Utah State Poverty Conference for Utah Community Action Partnership this week. He explained the importance of our work and how it affected him personally... no BS.

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