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Zoot Velasco "The First 100 Days" Nonprofit Leadership Book

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The First 100 Days: Leading Small Non-Profits Out of the Wilderness

Hired or Promoted as the new CEO of a small nonprofit?

Thinking of starting a nonprofit?

Need to right the sinking ship of your nonprofit?

Looking for advice on strategic planning, marketing, succession planning, board development, program development, etc. that doesn’t sound like a legal brief or textbook?

Than The First 100 Days: Leading Small Nonprofits Out Of The Wilderness is for you. Written by a real leader in the trenches for real leaders in the trenches. It is practical advice.

Most nonprofits start with a small dedicated person or group and never grow beyond that small group. Many more grow to a point and stagnate. Others are past their glory years and are on the decline. In most places in the United States the 80/20 rule applies: 80% of the funding goes to 20% of the nonprofits. There is a real disconnect between what nonprofits do and their ability to do it. That’s why the average stay in nonprofits for an executive director is roughly three years.

This book is written for all nonprofit leaders and those wishing to become nonprofit leaders. The first 100 days of new leadership defines the organization. In this book, Zoot Velasco has condensed his 30 years working with small arts non-profits as a director, artist, funder, board member, founder and consultant into an easy-to-understand formula for success based on establishing Leadership, Mission and Vision within the organization.