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Zoot Velasco Consulting

Mission Building

 Training & SPeaking

Zoot teaches nonprofit management programs, leadership, entrepreneurship, Institutional Arts, and STEAM. He works as a conference keynote speaker, Emcee, and charity auctioneer.

Consulting & Coaching

With a comprehensive strategic plan and targeted advice, Zoot can usually help clients double their capacity in 18-24 months.

    501(c)(3)(b)(s) POdcast

    Zoot Takes on the Myths of the Social Sector and debunks them, leaving a clear path to success.

    Zoot's Books

    On Nonprofit Management and the History of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center.


    • Event Production- Zoot produces concerts, lectures, festivals and most recently TEDx Bakersfield 2017
    • Food & Travel- Zoot leads cultural tours around the world and around southern California, as well as cooking gourmet wine dinners for his favorite charities.
    • History of Rotary- Zoot travels around the world speaking on Paul Harris & the History of Rotary.